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Custom Pig Processing

Custom cut and packaged to your specifications!

The price to Davidson's includes slaughter, processing, cutting, grinding, wrapping in freezer paper, and freezing. 
*We do not vacuum pack or shrink wrap.


Pig Slaughter: $75.00 per animal

 Pig Processing: $0.75/lb.
(hanging weight)

*We do not smoke or cure the hams or bacons. They will be fresh.

What are your options? What can you expect to get out of your order? View an average estimation of available processing options for whole and 1/2 pig orders below.

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 * Totals on the file represent an average size pig of 200 pounds. Your order will vary depending on the size and weight of the pig.

Ready to place your order? 

Open the Word file below and check the boxes throughout the order form. When complete, please save the document to your computer and email to  
If you have any questions or problems filling out or submitting your order, please call us!
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