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Custom Processing - Beef                  


As of June 1, 2018, our processing and slaughter prices will increase to $65.00 slaughter fee, $0.65/lb. processing, and $0.75/lb. Murray Burgers.

As of January 1, 2016, there will be a $5.00 up charge for quarters of beef. This will not affect customers who have ordered half of whole beef.
We can not split any orders of half or whole beef after the beef has been slaughtered. We must have names and addresses of anybody receiving any portion of the beef prior to slaughter if you wish to divide your meat with anyone.

Custom processing means your beef or pig is custom cut and packaged to your specifications. The animals are locally farm raised brought to us by you or your local farmer. If you don't know of any farmers in your area who raise choice beef or hogs, we can provide you with a list of local farmers. We also process lambs and goats, as well as deer during deer season. We slaughter and process 5 days per week. After processing, your meat will be frozen and ready to pick up the following day. 

The price to Davidson's includes slaughter, processing, cutting, wrapping in freezer paper, and freezing. For each beef it is $55.00 for slaughter and $0.55 per lb. on the hanging weight.

*If you are only purchasing a side of beef, you will pay half of the slaughter fee ($27.50), and for a quarter of a beef you will pay one quarter of the slaughter fee ($13.75). *Price subject to change.

Below is a sample cut sheet for beef. Note the prices and amounts of meat are ball park figures for a side/half of a beef and will depend on the size of the beef, as well as the cuts.

The numbers on the left side of the sheet indicate how many steaks and/or roasts per package and the numbers on the right side of the sheet indicate how many packages total.

Download and print out our blank beef cut sheet below!

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